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storunner13 04-15-2013 05:14 PM

Infusions/Decoctions - Under 90 minutes
So I'm brewing a Doppelbock tonight and have planned on a multi-temp mash schedule. I'm brewing stovetop BIAB style with a pseudo stovetop sparge/steep (a'la Deathbrewer). I'm looking to maximize extraction and maltiness with my schedule--and do it within 90 minutes. I'm not hardcore enough to get into a 3+ hour triple decoction mash--plus I would probably end up with too many melanoidens. The majority of my malt only has a 75% Friability--so a step mash with a decoction would probably be beneficial. A protein rest might not be needed (no wheat) though one of my malts has 11% protein.

Can anyone help me find a good plan? I'm hoping to keep my mash under 1.4 qt/lb. (18 lbs). My initial thought was either:

Infusion--Acid Rest 100F (Very Thick)--10 minutes
Infusion--Maltose Rest 145F (Thick)--40 minutes
Decoction--Dextrinization Rest 158F--30 minutes
Decoction--Mash Out 168F--10 minutes

Infusion--Acid Rest 100F (Very Thick)--10 minutes
Infusion--Protein Rest 138F (Thick)--10 minutes
Infusion--Saccrification Rest 153F--60 minutes
Decoction--Mash Out 168F--10 minutes

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