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smorris 12-07-2004 03:23 AM

I thought I pooched this batch
Thought for sure I had screwed up the latest batch by experminenting. I decided that I didn't like the taste I was getting from the Mr. Beer in the lighter beers, sort of a cider bite. So I cruised up to the brew shack up the road and talked to the owner for a while. Walked out with dried malt extract (to replace the booster) and dextrose for the priming sugar.Along with a copy of Joy of Home Brewing, which is a great book. Almost bought a 2 stage 5 gallon setup, but Christmas is coming and maybe Santa knows what I want.;)

Anyway, I mixed it all up and for 2 days it just sat there looking back at me and doing nothing to speak of. Came home tonight and it has exploded to life. Good foam on top and nice and cloudy. Now we wait and see how this Nut Brown Ale turns out...

The Professor 12-10-2004 10:17 PM

Dry vs Liquid Yeast/Yeast Starter

Do you use dry yeast or liquid yeast? The reason I ask is that if you use dry yeast then I would reccomend switching to liquid because it has a faster start over dry. It also produces a better flavor than dry in my opinion. If you do not have access to liquid yeast then you could make a starter for your dry yeast. Just boil 1/2 pound of Dry Malt Extract (DME) in 1 quart of water. Then add your yeast to this once boiled and cooled (just like you are making beer) but do this 2-3 days before you actually make the beer. Put this in a 1 gallon glass applejuice bottle (Sanitized of course) with an airlock and airate with the yeast. Let ferment 2-3 days then make beer and add and you will have a nice healthy fermentation in 4-12 hrs usually.

The advantage is that the yeast population takes over and purges the oxigen out of your beer before any stray bacteria or wild yeast has a chance to get going. Also a healthy and numerous yeast poulation will complete the fermentation faster and to your target final gravity.

Just a thought.

smorris 12-11-2004 02:20 PM

Thanks Professor, I'll give that a try on the next batch. Tried a taste last night and it still has a hint of sweet so I'lll left it continue until Sunday. It still has a patchy layer of bubbles on top, and it is starting to clear. I imagine the DME takes a bit longer than corn sugar to complete fermentation.

The Professor 12-12-2004 05:19 PM

That is true, DME is a more complex mix of sugars than dextrose (corn sugar) so the yeast has a bit more work to do. It also contains nutrients to keep the yeast healthy as well as a better flavor in the finished beer. There are also dextrins (non-fermentable sugars) that will add body to your beer.

smorris 12-16-2004 02:15 AM

Well, I bottled it tonight. Did a taste test and it clearly has a different taste then when using corn sugar in the fermentor, I like it. This was the first time I've used dextrose instead of table sugar for the carbonation. Interesting that the dextrose made the beer foam quite a bit, even though it was a nice gentle pour into the bottles. Guess some of that co2 will displace the air when filling. Now we wait and see what happens. I can't wait to see how this comes out.

Black Dog 01-04-2005 01:09 PM

you didnt just pour the corn sugar in did you? you need to mix the corn sugar with a small quantity of water and boil it. That kills any nasties that would infect your beer.

richanne 01-04-2005 10:48 PM

Don't panic the guy!
Although the boiling routine with the sugar is a good idea, it's not absolutely necessary. A lot of people don't do it and the beer turns out fine. Don't panic.

I think that was really great of your homebrew store owner to tip you off to ways to improve your Mr. Beer. A lot of homebrew shops would blow you off or tell you you MUST move up to five-gallon brewing, that it's the only way to have decent beer.

And we agree that Liquid yeast is another good way to upgrade those canned mixes as well.

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