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TrickyDick 04-16-2013 05:02 AM

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Originally Posted by Randy_Bugger
Somebody needs to email that guy.

I have a plate chiller. I guess I need an immersion chiller too.

I think I'll try dumping a gallon of ice cold water at flame out and see how low that gets me next time.
It's extremely easy to build your own immersion chiller.

Three parts, simple wrench, and hopefully, a CO2 cylinder or corny keg or something else to form the coil about, takes less than an hour.

Get the dishwasher compression fittings for your size copper coil from Home Depot. Wrap coil around the cylinder, and attach the fittings.

This one I made during the dancing show my SWMBO was watching.

I agree though. Need to have someone nail the chemistry expert down to specifics!!

I think that if truly ALL the essential oils were instantly vaporized when hops added at flameout, that there would be no hopheads, and that some of the oils must survive into the beer. It's kinda like mash enzymes, they don't instantly flip on and off.

But this thread has been nice. I am thinking about doing a zombie dust clone with the regular additions, plus a hop stand with three additions at three temp points, and finish it off with a hoprocket packed with leaf Citra!


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