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JeepGuy 10-09-2006 06:52 PM

How to convert to AG
I'm 4 brews into my latest and greatest hobby, and am eager to try moving to all grain. I might not do it real soon as I'm still working on how to manage to do it in a small space with out SWMBO getting on my back. My second brew was my best by far, and I'm hoping to possibly try it as my first all grain brew. I made an Irish Red that turned out simply fantastic for me using extract, steeped specialty grains and hops. (I don't have the recipe on me, as I'm at work) but was hoping some of you could give me some insight on how easily an extract recipe can be converted to an AG recipe. Is this even a feasable idea? With some searching I may be able to figure out the source of my original recipe and it may list an AG recipe with it, but if I recall correctly, I found it in an all extract part of a website somewhere out there in the www. Any help, guidance or links to helpful websites would be greatly appreciated.

Or, if it's better to simply find a new recipe to try my first AG let me know.

Mike-H 10-09-2006 09:11 PM

Check out www.austinhomebrew.com , all of their recipie's come in Malt, mini-mash and all grain. I would personally switch to doing full boils with a turkey fryer, then switch to doing mini-mash and then finally invest in building an AG set. If you look in the AG forum on here you will find easy to do AG cooler setup's for cheap.... I also suggest watching this video:


Its only $11.00 but great to get you introduced to all grain.

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