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TrojanAnteater 07-03-2008 10:20 PM

First time Dry Hopping
Getting ready to dry hop here in a couple days after I transfer into my glass carboy. I've seen a couple techniques mentioned...

1) drop the pellets in on top of the beer after it's been transfered.

2) put the pellets in the carboy first, then siphon your beer into the carboy.

Any recommendations on which way to do it?

ShortSnoutBrewing 07-03-2008 10:26 PM

My personal preference is to put the hops in first then rack on top.

s3n8 07-04-2008 01:34 AM

Yeah, what he said ^^ but dont overfill your secondary. First time I dry hopped, I filled the secondary pretty full and then lost a cup of hops and beer because I didnt leave enough headspace.

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