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Bugaboo 11-14-2012 04:02 AM

First No Chill in Brewhemouth
Just did my first no chill in my brehemouth. Biermuncher's oktoberfast. Was concerned about the pressure the brewhemouth would be under with all that hot wort added. No problems there. Put wort in at full boil.

Vaccuum as the wort cools was also a concern but also no problem there. Releasing vaccuum was the only problem. I used a dry yeast so I wasn't concerned about introducing air to wort that I would be harvesting from. Opened my sampling valve and I could here the air being sucked in and through the wort. Couldn't get wort out until I connected my spunding valve and added co2. Should of thought about this before. Connecting the co2 or opening top holes before opening bottom valve will be part of my proceedure from now on. Regardless opening the valve only reulted in aeration.

Any thought on how leaving the spunding valve connected while hot wort cools? I didn't. Will the steam affect the spunding valve? It'd be nice to sanitize it this way, but the steam wouldn't be pure; it would probably leave some sticky residue inside. My first beer went well with the brewhemouth. I really don't know how to go about cleaning the spunding valve though.

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