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Default Fermenting/Kegging 10 gallon batches vs. 5 gallons

Until now I've always brewed 5 gallon batches and fermented in a 5 or 6 gallon glass carboy.

Until now I've always bottled.

I'm putting together my larger HERMS system with Keggles and electric panels.

So my questions are...

1. For those brewing a 10 gallon batch, are you using
a. larger carboys
b. multiple carboys
c. some other container

2. For those kegging a 10 gallon batch, are you...
a. kegging in multiple corny kegs
b. kegging in larger keg
c. splitting the batch between kegs/bottles
d. other

I'm just trying to think "big" since I'll have a larger system to brew with soon.



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Unfortunately, I don't do 10 gallon batches, but I have the capability to! I think you will find that a lot of people will still ferment the 10 gallons of wort in 2 separate vessels. They will use this opportunity to test 2 different yeast strains or dry hopping techniques. The rare few have the $ to spend on 14Gallon conical fermenters and can ferment the whole batch at once! There are some plastic bucket options as well. Same goes for kegging. Most put it in two kegs.

I will let people who actually brew 10 gallons at a time answer your question tho. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

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Two different carboys/buckets and two different kegs is the most practical way to go, since you probably already have them on hand. As mentioned the opportunity to try different yeast or dry hopping is great that way. You can also just prop up yeast in one flask and split it between the two carboys. Saves from buying two vials/packs. I usually brew 5 gallon batches, but built my system with a 10 gallon capacity and it works great. Now if someone wants to give me a 14 gallon conical, I'll take it. FYI, two different carboys and kegs also saves you from having to lift 10 gallons of wort/beer.

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+1000 on the having to lift 10 gallons of beer! Save your back!

I have the capability of 10 gallon batches, I have several 13 gallon food grade drums that I added spigots and air-locks to. I do use them for special brews that will sit for months. Typically though, I split my batches between 2 carboys. If you have an assistant then you could get away with 10 gallons at once, but by yourself not likely. I scored the drums on eBay for ~16.00 ea. so that worked out in my favor and they do a great job, but moving and lifting are a pain.

I would stick with splitting the batch for easier movement, and like has already been mentioned, you may want to experiment with different yeast on each half etc. That way you get 2 beers for the time and effort of brewing 1.


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When I first started 10 gal batches, I swithched from a carboy to fermenting in 2 cornys.
I now ferment in a sabco fermenter, which is a 15 gallon keg. Then transfer to 2 cornys.

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I usually make between 15-20 gallons at a time, but when I started making 10 gal batches I fermented in a half barrel. I use a 20+ gal brewhemoth conical now, but I still ferment in a half barrel when I am out of space. When I keg, its usually into cornies but occasionally I'll fill some half or quarter barrels.

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I brew a 10 gallon batch every summer with my Citra Summer Ale and fall with an Amber Ale. I use a vittles vault that I turned into a fermenter by adding a blow off hose and a spigot on the bottom. It will hold up to 14 gallons and cost around $60 for everything. I put the batch into 1 5 gallon corny keg and 2 3 gallon corny kegs when it's done. I use the 3 gallon ones for the pool in the summer time and parties in the fall.


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