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bluelakebrewing 12-21-2012 12:12 AM

Dry hops settling question??
During the dry hops stage, after primary fermentation, is there any significance of the hops settling to the bottom of the secondary?

Is this any indication that they have already been fully utilized or are they still departing flavor/aroma goodness to the brew??

I usually wouldnt think much about it, usually my dry hops hang out on top for about a week or so, but in this circumstance they sank almost directly to the bottom after a day or so...cheers

day_trippr 12-22-2012 01:04 AM

Regardless of whether your pellets surface or sink, I wouldn't change how long the beer sits on them either way. Time is time, whether spent on the bottom or the top :)

As for the sinking part, I've used pellets with a wide range of densities, from hard as a rock and prone to sinking immediately before eventually surfacing at a raft, to very soft that would turn into a raft of pellet mush within minutes. But best as I can recall, they always eventually surface.

fwiw, I typically dry hop around 68F and after 5-8 days start a cold crash to 34F. By the time the beer hits terminal temperature the hops are totally sunk to the bottom...


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