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pmoneyismyfriend 04-04-2013 03:42 PM

Dry Hopping
I made a Belgian Tripel IPA that calls for 2.5 oz dry hop addition, the recipe only states 7 - 10 days after pitching. This is my first go with dry hopping and I don't want to mess up this beer. I have read several posts and articles on the subject. I originally planned a 6 week fermentation, 2 primary, 4 secondary. My plan is to add the hops to the primary after the 2 weeks, let it sit for a week, then transfer to the secondary for an additional 3. My thought process on this is the CO2 production should be at a minimal at 2 weeks, so I shouldn't lose any of the dry hopping benefits at that point, also the primary offers more head space for hop expansion (pellets) therefore removing the possibility of a foam up in the airlock or carboy neck. Any thing wrong with this method? Any other recommendations?

norsk 04-04-2013 03:52 PM

It might help to see the recipe, 2.5 oz seems like a lot for a Tripel... though I rarely use a secondary and never use one for my Belgians... Keeping an eye on fermentation temps is more important and will have more of an impact on how the beer will come out that racking to secondary or not. Nothing wrong with doing it the way you described though...

pmoneyismyfriend 04-04-2013 04:04 PM

Below is the recipe, my friend made this and it was completely awesome, so I am trying to duplicate his steps, except he dry hops in the keg, which I am not. thanks for the reply

Batch size: 6.5 gallon
boil size 7.44 gallon
Estimated og 1.082
Estimated IBU 49.5
Boil Time 90 mins
15.00lb belgian pilsner malt
.25 oz simcoe (first wort hop)
.81 oz simcoe (90 min)
.85 0z cascade (20 min)
.85 oz simcoe (20 min)
2.5 lb sugar, table (sucrose) 5 min
1 vial wlp500 trappist ale yeast (2 litre starter built up twice)
2.50 oz amarillo gold (dry hop 7-10 days)
Mash @ 150.0 F ( i mashed mine at 152 for more body)

Brewed on 3/29/2013
O.G. 1076
Made yeast starter with 2 vials of yeast in a growler
Followed and measured everything per recipe

olz431 04-04-2013 04:07 PM

I'd throw the hops in a week or so before bottling.

M8tor 04-04-2013 05:44 PM

I agree with one week prior to bottling/kegging. No matter how long you it in the secondary you just wait til the week before you bottle and add the hops. I find that if you leave them in too long you lose some a lot of the aroma which is the reason for dry hopping. I just dry hopped a pilsner which had been in the secondary for 3 months. Added hops 1 week prior to kegging. Excellent hop aroma.

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