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AnOldUR 08-28-2009 07:54 PM

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Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
It doesn't make sense that it would be based on fermentation temp. That's really has little relevance to the beers ability to hold or not hold co2 a month later at bottling time.
The temperature of the beer at the end of fermentation determines the amount of co2 that is in suspension at that time. In a carboy with an airlock it will stay that way unless you apply heat, in which case it will off gas through the airlock.

Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
It shouldn't matter because if the beer changes temps (which it does) it lets go or absorbs more co2.
Sure, it will release co2 through the airlock, but it won’t absorb co2 unless it is applied under pressure.

Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
. . . or sucks in the sanitization solution out of the airlock if it gets cooler. If you have a two piece airlock you can see the co2 variable swing back and forth between the two chambers, and that has to be related to the temp of the fermenter
You’re confusing thermal expansion and contraction with co2 absorption and release.

I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with letting your beer warm up after cold crashing, but that if you don't, it won't change the amount of priming sugar needed. To get to the proper carbonation you add the residual co2 to what can be potentially produced by priming. The residual amount doesn’t raise just because you lowered the temperature after fermentation is complete. Lowering the beer temperature increases its potential to absorb co2, but without applying co2 under pressure it won’t change the volumes in suspension.

According to your interpretation of the chart I would be able to put a glass of my .8 volumes 68 degree post fermented beer in the refrigerator, chill it to 30 degrees and it will magically be carbonated to 1.7 volumes and be ready to drink the next morning.

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