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Poindexter 01-09-2008 02:28 AM

Cold Component Keg Creativity
Creativity as in the working thread, bring it, share it, what have you got, what do you need?

Wortmonger and I have been trading some PMs that- they just don't need to be PMs. So this is the brainstorming thread for fermenting under pressure and running all kegs on the cold side.

Both of us are pitching yeast and cold wort into kegs, moving keg to keg as needed, pressurizing ferment here and there, no pails, no carboys, no siphons.

It isn't rocket science, we don't have anything to hide.

So if you have a questiopn or idea about using all kegs on the cold side, or ferementing under pressure, here is a place to talk about it.

The purpose of this thread is to make the information searchable and include other people with more ideas.

Here we go.

Poindexter 01-09-2008 02:32 AM

Here is a pic of the outside of my primary fermenter:


Here is a pic of the inside of the same fermenter, just before I cleaned it:


In this instance I got CO2 _only_ out the grey post of my primary fermenter. No bubbles, no yeast, nothing. I pitched Safale 05 onto 4.0 gallons of 1.050, set my spunding valve at 5psi, and controlled the temp to 62-68F.

Poindexter 01-09-2008 02:34 AM

Background reading:

wortmongers original thread about fermenting under pressure:


my thread about spunding valve:


Poindexter 01-09-2008 02:45 AM

Current state of practice.

Wortmonger ran his last ferment at 15psi and I think he is going to try 5 psi next time, or not, that is up to him.

I ran 5psi for primary my first time through with the system, I am going to stick with that. I am going to make a few batches in a row of extract Munton's (English) Pale Ale just cause the hot side is quick and easy, it isn't crazy expensive, I will drink it, and I have made it enough times to know what it tastes like.

I am going to play with head space to see about harvesting yeast out of the krausen head. I am going to stick to ~5psi for ferment pressure while I dial in the rest of the technique.

Sooner or later I want to order a pair of not adjustable relief valves. One at 5ish (8ish?) psi for primary, and the other at 25ish (22ish?) for clearing.

I find the pressure ferment gets me good beer quick. I live in a college town. I live in the student 'ghetto'. Our basketball team is currently ranked top ten (cough, cough Prof Frink). If we go way far in the post season I am going to need a whole lot of beer in a hurry.

I find slimming down to kegs only after the brew kettle simplifies everything. I don't have to clean ale pails anymore. I don't have to carry heavy glass carboys. Everything is either little zip lock bags in the freezer, in the brew kettle or in a Cornelius, very nice.

I should mention: for now my AG batch size is 2.5-3.0 gallons depending on grain bill. I am doing 5.0 gallon extract batch sizes with high gravity ferments. When I am ready to take on 5.0 gal AG, I am going to need a 7.5g Sanke for a primary.

For now I am using regular, unmodified Cornelius as my primary - but I picked one with a straight spear under the black post. I'll post when I go modifying one,and I'll take pics of the bottom of the keg until I get something clear enough to post.

Poindexter 01-31-2008 12:58 AM

I finally got enough yeast out of a corny as primary to have harvested it. This setup is a bone stock not modified Cornelius keg filled with yer basic steep/ extract wit recipe, pitched with White Labs WLP400, Belgian Wit Beer.

Pictured is the second one gallon jug hanging off the grey post as airlock/ bubbler. Just in the first one I recovered enough yeast to fill two White Labs test tubes, plus most of a third in this one. If I had gone grey to black with a quart of starter in the second keg and airlock on the second keg I would be saving $2.99 (yeast expense) on my next wit for sure.

Red mark is approximate fill line. With the lid out, the keg was filled to where the weld line where the vertical side meets the arc roof of the keg. Temp controller was kitchen sink filled with water and occasional ice lobbed in.


Poindexter 01-31-2008 01:17 AM


Scroll down before attempting

I will not be saving the $1.49 next time I need Nottingham Yellow, of all things. Same as the wit I filled the corny as primary fermenter up to the weld where vertical side meets curved roof. Temp control as before, ice/ water bath. The brew was a style correct English Pale Ale ~1.045, just an airlock, zero psig. I got some hop fragments is all. Bone stock Cornelius keg, I haven't cut any dip tubes under the grey posts yet.

To reiterate, at the end of the hose on the grey post was another one gallon jug, not shared with any other fermenter. I got nothing visible to the naked eye in the water in the jug that was the airlock. nada.


Poindexter 02-02-2008 04:48 PM

Pulling a gravity sample out of a pressurized fermenter, without contaminating the fermenter, is pretty darn easy. This is Mosher's (PM) Rye Pale Ale recipe (Radical Brews, page p. 87), only I ran the primary at 25psig, then racked off the trub into another keg and up to 32psi for yeast cleanup with simultaneous carb on day 3. This should be cold, clear, carbed and ready to go on something like day 15-20.


EDIT: I pitched that Roggenbier on 01-28-08 and I have been tearing it up since 02-09-08. If I had a counter pressure filler, which I don't, I would send this out, with pride, to members like Brewpastor and Yuri. I would probably learn something, but I wouldn't be embarrassed.

WortMonger 02-02-2008 05:04 PM

LOL, I love grabbing samples this easy. I cannot wait until my next beer done under pressure. Glad to see everything has been working out for you. We used to fill a corny up and do a 5 gallon starter for the brewpub I worked at. Hard to believe a 5 gallon corny can start so fast pitched into a 15 bbl fermenter, lol.

EDIT: Hey guys, thought I'd put a link to the Wiki spunding article.

Poindexter 02-11-2008 09:23 PM

Beware NottiYellow without temp control. This is a mockup, I was in too much of a hurry to take a pic of the real thing. I brewed an IPA Saturday evening, 1.060. I pitched dry Nottingham Yellow. Sunday AM, nothing, Sunday PM, nothing. Sunday bedtime, nothing. I decided to hold off on putting the fermenter in the ice water bath Sunday night.

Monday AM, oopsie:


WortMonger 02-11-2008 09:59 PM

So, you not pressure fermenting anymore?

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