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Drunkagain 08-01-2007 03:13 AM

Carbonation Tips and Tricks
After reading thru the very informative "Best Secret Technique" thread I thought I'd start one just for carbonating tips since it seems like an area that a lot of people have problems with.

I don't have any secrets yet since I just got my kegerator up and running recently and I'm still working things out. I'm using 6' of 3/16 ID tubing and 12psi @ ~40F and it seems to be working out with the first couple of beers I've put in there.

So if you've got anything to share please do. Kegging, bottling, big beers or small beers whatever you've got. I'd love to hear what your technique is if it's working. I'll appreciate it and I'm sure other newer brewer will as well.

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