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BierMuncher 06-04-2007 02:57 AM

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Originally Posted by fritz_monroe
I wish I thought about that before I cut up that airlock. That would be much more convenient.

As an update, I brewed up a Wit today. I used a starter for the first time ever. That was about 12 hours ago and it's bubbling away. The blow off tube is in a gallon jug partly filled with water. No foam in the tube yet, but it may be soon.
Watch that wit yeast. It tends to beach itself on your fermenter walls...so much so that fermentation can slow down (because the yeast has left the beer and is stuck on the walls.) IF this is the case, give the bucket a slight swirl to wash the yeast back into the solution. Nothing violent, just enough to knock the yeast back down.

Wit yeast is like a volcano...
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