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Exo 07-16-2006 03:05 AM

Bottle Carb Temps
Greetings everyone. Next weekend is bottling day for two batches. A Sierra Nevada PA clone and an Amber Ale. Primary 1wk, Secondary 2wks. Ferment temp 65-66deg. Good solid fermentation throughout. After 2wks total now they are still fermenting well, though slowing down.

So, when carbonating these (using bottling bucket and bottling spigot/tube) what temp should they be at? And don't refer to room temp. I'd like a more specific temp. to shoot for to get the yeast to carbonate the batch.

Second less important question is aging. Is a 66deg. environment proper to age an ale or should I shoot for something cooler?

Passload 07-16-2006 03:17 AM

70 to 75 degrees f.


homebrewer_99 07-16-2006 03:53 AM

Not cooler, but warmer. Ales like the 70F PLUS range. Bottle conditioning should be about 72-75F also.

Lagers like the lower temps.:D

DAAB 07-16-2006 01:34 PM

Carbonate in the same temperature range that you ferment, all you are doing is fermenting in and enclosed bottle and instead of the co2 escaping through an airlock it builds pressure and carbonates.
After a week, store and mature at 'pub cellar' temperature, 13deg c or 55-56 deg f . Unless you have a cellar or a method of temperature control, like a lot of people, myself included, you'll probably have to make do with the coldest part of the house.

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