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david_the_greek 08-23-2007 05:34 PM

Another yeast freezing....
Ok guys so I grabbed the yeast out of my Hefe primary, made a starter and then stepped it up one more time. I had a fair amount of liquid to say the least. Well someone in my house got rid of my turkey baster and I don't have a decent pipette yet so I had a lot of liquid still in with my yeast, after pouring some out of course, when I transfered it into the jars I am using for storage. I mean like 50ml each of liquid for 4 jars with 100ml liquid in the other two. I threw about 20ml glycerin just to be safe into the 4 jars and am going to go grab some more from a local pharm for the other two. Is this alright having such large amounts? Seems like I just made myself a ready to pitch yeast tube, not that I would do that but still. So for labeling purposes would this be the second generation since I harvested out of my primary bucket. I guess I stepped it up but I'm not going to count those as generations I don't think. I love this stuff, the more chem/bio I get to play with the better, it allows me the excuse of a practical application of my schooling. :) Thanks for any responses.

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