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Toadsticker 01-17-2013 01:37 AM

Water for lagers/pils suggestions
My local water is drawn from a limestone aquifer, with a consistent, well buffered Ph of 8.4. PERFECT for African cichlids, beer not so much. I don't even try making ales with it. My current realistic choices are spring water, distilled, or Primo water. Which would you suggest for pils?

mabrungard 01-17-2013 01:25 PM

You may be better off with using either distilled or RO water and adding a little calcium chloride to boost the calcium level. The recommendations of the Water Primer in this forum are very applicable for the beer style you are contemplating.

ajdelange 01-17-2013 02:20 PM

See if you can find out how much stuff Primo puts in their water. I can't find an analysis on their website but found out that they add sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride. If the amounts are very minimal then you might be able to use that. If not the distilled would be the best bet for Bohemian Pils. Some German Pils is made with harder water but the Boh Pils is definitely made with soft (though there are some hard water breweries in Bohemia too) and its easy to prepare suitable water for it from RO or DI.

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