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cwheel 05-11-2011 02:39 PM

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Grew up there, and still work there. Still hate 66!

I've spent a lot of time looking into the various recommendations, and have used Palmer's spreadsheet, which is pretty straightforward.

Would you mind looking at the attached jpg of my calculation page? With a target SRM of 16 (basic pale ale/IPA), and a target RA of 80, in addition to wanting to get my magnesium up to a minimum of 10 ppm and the Calcium up to a minimum of 50 ppm, I've basically determined that I need to add the following to an 8 gallon total mash:

2 grams Gypsum
4 grams Calcium Chloride
3 grams Epsom Salts
6 grams baking soda

This results in 11 ppm Mg, 59 ppm Na, 86 RA and a Sulfate to Chloride ratio of "balanced".

Does this mineral plan seem OK to get the water to the proper chemistry? Seems like a like of different salts to add, but that's the problem...I don't really know if any of those counteract each other ???

Thanks in advance!

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