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This thread is relevant to my interests

Originally Posted by ajdelange View Post
I would suggest OP buy and taste as many of the non/low alcohol beers as he can find. These use state of the art processes such as dialysis, vacuum distillation, fermentation with special yeast etc. and should, therefore, produce the 'best' results. I don't think he will be very pleased with any of them.
I'd venture to guess you would not be pleased with much of the mass-produced beer you buy either! Taking a bad mass-market beer and making an NA version of it is kind of doomed from the start. Bud may be a technically excellent beer, but not one that I'd prefer to drink given the choice.

The volatiles and various other yeast byproducts that contribute to flavor, that's a fair point. You need to go for styles that don't rely on these

Hop characteristics, should in theory be pretty trivial to add back - hint, you are heating the fermented beer - nix the flavor/aroma additions in the boil and do a late addition in the evap stage instead..

This all sounds well and good, but still of course just armchair brewing. Planning to give it a few good attempts this summer though!

Anyone have any more experience with NA homebrews that came out well?


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Here's a crazy thought from a guy who has no interest in NA beer. I've got a barrel of mead going right now, and degas/sample it pretty much daily. It's in my basement, which is relatively temperature-stable (it's climbed maybe 8 degrees steadily in the past two month of springtime), but I've noticed that as it warms (granted, the fermentation has been progressing as well), it has had much more power to nearly knock me on my ass when I take a smell of it over the barrel, before and after stirring.
So, my suggestion for pulling off at least some the alcohol would be to try higher fermentation temps, if you can swing that without getting funky flavors, and to keep a light vacuum, by some means, on the headspace during fermentation (in wine theory, this should also keep your yeasts happier, but i haven't ventured into that realm yet). You may not get it as low alcohol as you want, but it seems like a starting point to me, if you're interested in the experiment. Agitation may also help, since ethanol vaporizes much easier than most other things in beer. I feel like the trick is to give the alcohol a place to go without oxidizing the beer. I'm reminded of some whiskey I drank one time, which had been capless for a couple weeks and lost all of the ethanol within, but still 'tasted' like the whiskey it originally was.
I hope it goes without saying to repitch and add sugar at bottling (or force carbonate).
Ok, cool! This is awesome I look forward to see what more everyone comes up with!

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Great thread. I am a first time brewer looking for some solid information regarding NA home brewing. Currently looking at equipment and considering a jet pump to remove the alcohol. Sounds like the most effective and efficient process to create a tasty NA beer. From what I've read, forced carbonation may lead to an artificial taste like beer flavored soda. Anyone experiment with vacuum Distilling?

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