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briggssteel 08-03-2012 03:07 AM

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Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
I would NOT add baking soda! It tastes bad. You can't add chalk successfully without bubbling co2 through it- so forget the CaCo3.

Let me take a look and see a likely pH.

But before I do, you said you have a report "average". That's not good as sometimes the average isn't indicative at all as to what is actually coming out of the tap. If your average alkalinity is, say, 10-150, for example, then the information is useless. What does your report actually say?

I've attached a screen shot of the water report sent to me by the plant. It has all of the months listed and the averages. I notice sodium is a bit all over the place and sulfates a bit as well. They are fairly consistent for the most part. I'll be interested to see what you get. EZ Water is giving me about 5.4 mashing all the grains in. However I haven't had a chance to measure the PH of my mashes yet so I have no experience in how the darker grains will affect my PH. Thanks in advance! I appreciate you taking the time to help out a fellow homebrewer.

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