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hector 06-20-2010 12:29 PM

Malt Acidity
Hi there !

I've bought recently some DME and the seller gave me the Analysis Sheet of this Malt , too .

It's written on the Sheet :

Colour : Light

pH ( 10% Solution ) : 5.3

Acidity % as Lactic Acid : 0.95

As pH 5.3 is a suitable Wort pH , does it mean that I should always make a 10% Wort out of this Malt ?!

Although , the pH would be different after the boil .

The 0.95% Acidity worries me, too . Is it high for making an Ale ?!

Can it lead to a sour Beer ?!

Is it better for me to use some Water which has more alkalinity ?!

Although , I've heard that using alkaline Water with DME leads to a harsh tasting Beer .


Yooper 06-20-2010 09:46 PM

With DME, it really doesn't matter. Although bad tasting water will make a bad beer, so you don't want to use water that tastes bad or that is smelly with chlorine or sulfur.

You're not mashing with the DME, so the specs are not really important. The pH of a mash is NOT the same as the pH of the water.

pjj2ba 06-21-2010 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by hector (Post 2121031)

pH ( 10% Solution ) : 5.3

Acidity % as Lactic Acid : 0.95


The 10% solution merely refers to the fact that THEY made a 10% solution to TEST the pH of the wort. The concentration of any solution has an affect on the pH, but in the case of something like wort, the change is probably not that dramatic over the concentrations we use it at.

I suspect the lactic acid was used to lower the pH of the extract down to 5.3. You will not taste it at this level. It will not be sour.

If the alkalinity of your water is too high, it can lead to harsh bitterness in paler, hoppier beers

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