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Larso 06-26-2012 08:03 AM

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I'm brewing a wit using 35 litres (biab) of Bottled water for a 20 litre brew with this profile here

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can anyone tell me how I should treat it please? I've got calcium chloride , calcium sulphate, crs and dls. Sorry for askin you's to do the work but I'm puttin on the mash tonight an I've a busy day ahead



ManhattanProjectBrewing 05-26-2013 07:21 PM

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Originally Posted by ajdelange View Post
Nothing fancy required. Just a table

Sample ---- Meter_Reading ---- Strip_reading

would be plenty of information (not to say that scatter plots, averages, standared deviations etc are not of interest if you want to do more data massaging).
Hehe... I know you’re a REAL scientist! After reading all your posts n' such I don't want to "look the fool" especially being the new guy n’ all… But, for the sake of science, understanding and simply presenting more data for folks to gander at in order to determine if strips are a good choice for their application I've thrown something together for the masses. Now, please know that I do NOT own a pH METER. I started this experiment to determine if the strips were of any use for the price (I am a science-y cook so I can always use the strips in the kitchen) but I wanted to know so I did the experiment. Please be gentle... I'm fragile. This is in NO WAY meant to prove or disprove any theories or factual evidence that I have yet to discover here on HBT. I just wanted to do this for my OWN knowledge but being this community is so awesome and open about brewing I wanted to contribute. So, without further ado……

(Attached as a .pdf for ease of viewing)

Frazeart 10-29-2013 12:53 AM

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Hi Everybody. I am a newish brewer (4 months) and just did my 10th 6 gallon all grain batch on Saturday. I was brewing a hoppy blonde. This was my first batch where I was going to measure PH and try to use a water "recipe". Previously, all I have done is use bottled spring water and added a TB of the PH 5.2 product.

I used the water chemistry calculator at brewer's friend targeting the profile "light and hoppy" which instructed me to use 8.75 gallons of distilled water and to add 2.75 tsp of gypsum and 1 tsp of calcium chloride. I did this to the letter and then added my grains to mash. I used Precision Labs test strips which indicated my PH was very low... under 4.6. I slowly added chalk (5tsp) and kept testing with no change. I then moved to baking soda and added 2 tsp. This finally got my test strips to register a PH of 5.

When I enter those additions into the brewer's friend calculator, it reports that my water profile is crazy unbalanced.

Should I have left the PH alone? Is there a best process that differs from what I did? Did I destroy my beer? I hit my numbers just fine and it is fermenting like crazy.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

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