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Krelja 09-19-2009 11:41 AM

When to move to secondary?
So I brewed my first sour last weekend 9/12/09. All went well it was my second all grain batch and I got 73% efficiency with precrushed grains that sat for a little while so I'm happy. I pitched roselare and it took a 2 days for fermentation to even start a little bit. Fermentation was slow but it was there until the last few days. I was looking to transfer it to my secondary but now I have krausen and the airlock is bubling like crazy. I can take a reading but should I just wait till the airlock slows down and transfer in another week or should I let it sit for a while longer then transfer? I want this beer to be nice and sour and I don't want the other bugs to be affected so much. I've read fermenting it down to 1.020 then rack to secondary leave forever while stealing some samples here and there for sourness what do I do? I was a little preturbed that fermentation was slow in the beginning but now its ripping. My original plan was to let er rip then transfer and call it a day. Also I want to oak it, so how long should I leave it on the chips?

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