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Plan9 10-06-2009 12:46 AM

Rotten Vegetable Smell
I brewed 10 gallons of Berliner Wiesse saturday.
Last time I brewed it, I pitched the yeast and Lactobasilicus at the same time.
This time I pitched the Lacto on Saturday to give it a head start. Today when I opened it up to pitch the yeast, it smelled like rotten veggies.
Is this common with Lacto bugs?

BargainFittings 10-06-2009 01:01 AM

Probably some sulfur and lacto goodness going on.

chase 10-06-2009 03:28 AM

Could be DMS, also. Did you cool your wort quickly? The pils malt has a lot of DMS precursor in it. If you don't cool quickly you'll end up with lots of DMS. Otherwise it is probably just the nasty funk that Lacto D.

Plan9 10-06-2009 05:41 AM


It did take longer to cool this time then normal.
I guess we'll see what happens. Nothing I can do now.

Windigstadt 10-12-2009 10:16 PM

I brewed a Gose about a month ago. It was the first time I had brewed with bugs, and what I did was mash, boil for fifteen minutes, chill down to ~110, siphon into a carboy and pitch a lacto culture for about 48 hours. Mine smelled awful when I siphoned back into the brew kettle after a couple days, but after a 90-minute boil it was fine. Based on my experience, my guess is that what you're smelling is indeed DMS. I'm no sour beer expert, but I don't believe lacto by itself should give any funk.

Windigstadt 10-12-2009 10:27 PM

I brewed a Gose about a month ago where I mashed, cooled to 115F, pitched the lacto, and then after 48 hours returned the wort to the boil kettle to add hops and finish the beer. When I siphoned the beer into the kettle, it stunk to high heaven like rotten veggies. After a nice 90-minute boil it was fine. Based on this experience, I assumed my problem was DMS and I would guess yours is too. Oh, and I'm no sour expert but I don't believe Lacto itself should give off any funky smells. It's usually more of a clean sour character.

ChrisKennedy 10-13-2009 12:01 AM

Hmmmm, rotten veggies... I don't think I have gotten that particular smell out of lacto yet.

I have gotten vomity cheese out of Brett C though!

I wouldn't fret about it. It might be something so volatile that it will gas off as fermentation commences.

Plan9 10-13-2009 12:14 AM

It has been fermenting for a week now, and the smell is gone.
I cooled this batch slower than normal, and it may have been DMS.

ChrisKennedy 10-13-2009 01:00 AM

Have you tasted it yet? If so, how is the sourness level?

Plan9 10-13-2009 01:06 AM

It has a decent sourness. More so than when I've pitched the bugs and yeast together.

In the past I've had to add lactic acid to get the appropriate level. This time I may not have to. We'll see when I keg it.

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