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winnph 03-31-2011 11:46 PM

Poll: What to do with my Cuvée René dregs
I have a starter that smells wonderful, into which I had pitched some Cuvée René dregs about 2 weeks ago. Now, however, I'm trying to decide what would be the best next step for these bugs. I have three beers hanging out in carboys at the moment, finished with their primary fermentation and just hanging out and waiting to be bottled. The fourth option is none-of-the-above (i.e., brew a new beer). Help me decide!

First, I have something that really shouldn't be called a beer at all, and I have not called it one: my Experimental Brew No. 1. This was loosely inspired by Sumerian date concoctions I'd read about here and elsewhere. It already received some Orval dregs on March 16. Perhaps it would be improved with something a bit more on the sour side?

Second, I have a simple summer beer with a complicated mixture of yeast strains (all sacc) that I called a Farmhouse Ale. This is probably my top candidate, with my only reservation being I wouldn't want to risk "messing up" a refreshing session beer for my buddies. But that's no reason to make a brewing decision, is it?

The third choice is a beer I've brewed using wild yeast I harvested from the date slurry used in the Experimental Brew #1: the Wild Ale I. This is probably my last choice, personally, as I am more interested in seeing how this yeast has performed on its own. A recent hydrometer sample was promising. But, it might be interesting to set aside one gallon of this beer in a jug with the bugs, getting the best of both worlds...

So, voters, what'll it be?

ReverseApacheMaster 04-01-2011 04:38 AM

I voted to give it its own beer. Let it go as a lambic and prepare to let it sit for 12+ months. Anything you pitch it in will need time as the pedio and brett take hold and do their thing.

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