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amrmedic 05-26-2011 01:57 PM

Lambic Fermentation Question
I am brewing my first lambic. When I first ferment it, do I use just a good basic ale yeast then after that is done fermenting do I add a lambic blend such as Wyeast 3278 or White Labs WLP655?

I noticed that the Wyeast had some Ale yeast in the mix. The WLP655 says it is for use in secondary fermentation.

My plan is to ferment for 1 month in a plastic bucket then move it to my oak barrel (I have my barleywine in there right now and will be bottled in the next 2 weeks as it has been in there now for 3 months). I plan to let it sit in my oak barrel for 12 months then move to a plastic nucket again to sit on cherries for a nice Kriek.

Also, does this grist look ok? 7 lb 2 row and 5 lb torrified wheat with 1 lb rice hulls? I have 5 oz of aged (3 years) whole leaf hops, of which I may add 2 oz of.


rorygilmore 05-26-2011 05:00 PM

The Wyeast and White Lab blends are designed to be pitched without using additional ale yeast, but you'd probably be fine either way.

One possible concern is that you are using a small oak barrel, which has very large oak to liquid surface ratio, so a year might make it over-the-top oak-y. If the barrel has been used a bunch that would help, but if it's only been used a few times you might want to consider leaving it in the barrel for a shorter period of time.

Also, when you transfer to the barrel make sure you also transfer a good amount of the trub too. The brett strains will feed on it and produce esters which will help with complexity.

According to Wild Brews, raw wheat works the best but lots of people on here use malted and/or torrified.

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