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ChadChaney 07-26-2012 05:59 AM

I made a Cream Ale/Kolsch with the grist of a typical American Cream Ale and fermented with ECY Kolsch, fermented for 2 weeks at 62f or so steady the whole time. The beer dropped nice and clean and clear, so I planned a little fun. Racked 1 gallon each onto blackberries, strwberries, bing cherries and blueberries, and I bottled the rest plain as a control batch. After 2 days I saw no activity from the fruit, no big deal, I moved them off the cool concrete floor to a table top and bam I have new fermentation. checked them last night and the strawberry was kicking, ahd to pull airlock and vent a bit, using 1 gallon glass Carlo Rossi wine jugs w #6.5 stoppers so no real way to blow off that I can see, smelled and tasted great, minus the Star San. Checked them again tonight, because I love to see the progress, and SURPRISE! The blueberry batch has the start of a pellicle! I rinsed the fruit well and froze but did not pasturize so I am not totally surprised. I am hoping it is some strain of Lacto or Brett so it will be drinkable or blendable, if not it is just 1 gallon right. I will try to post pics tomorrow if I have time but definitively leaning toward a pellice; big dark gray like bubbles with some crusty looking arms and such, resembles the pellicle pics I have seen. I am kind of excited, I have a sour Witt aging now with the beginnings of a pellicle too, could make for some fun! Getting some ECY Bugfarm Friday and Roslere tomorrow, so the sour part of the brewery will be rolling soon!

MichaelsBrewing 07-26-2012 10:02 PM

Sweet! Excited to see pics.

avidhomebrewer 07-27-2012 01:49 AM

Nice! That's the good part about brewing - the experimentation.

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