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thebadpun 04-29-2012 09:14 PM

High FG on 15 month old Flanders Red
I have two batches of ~15 month old Flanders Red based on Jamil's recipe. The first batch was fermented with two packs of Roselare (one was rather old) and the second was pitched onto the yeast cake of the first two weeks later. Both received a fair amount of bugs over the last year (house mixed culture, Jolly Pumpkin, BugCounty, etc).

My concern is that the gravity is a little high for me to feel confident about bottling. The first batch has been at at 1.012 (OG: 1.061) since about the 12 month mark and the second batch at 1.011 (OG: 1.059).

I plan to bottle 5 gallons of a blend and store the other 5 gallons for blending next year. Ideally I would like to avoid using Campden to stabilize as I want the beer to continue aging in the bottle.

Does anyone have any similar experiences?

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