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ChadChaney 01-09-2013 07:51 PM

Berliner Weisse Ferm. Question
So I brewed a Berliner on Sat. and went with the sour wort method, cooling to around 100F and then pitching a 1/2 pound of Pilsner malt, I also made a BW with the second runnings and some DME and followed the same procedure. The first batch went on a BrewPad to hold the temp, my wife then **** it off by accident so the temp has varied a bit. It fermented it a little bit like normal, then had a small bubbly pelicle and now is actively fermenting again. I tasted yesterday and it has a little sourness, not near as much as I am hoping for. Can I just let it ride out until I get it as sour as I like and then pitch my yeast? As of the other batch, it is just sitting at room temp, probably 70F at best and it has very little sourness if any. I am sure this is due to the temp, I was planning on putting it on the brewpad as soon as the other batch was done, any problems here?

Any other creative ways to keep carboys in the 90F range? i don't want to use a space heater because I have other ales fermenting away in the same area, basement.

Calder 01-12-2013 11:24 PM

All your assumptions are good.

ChadChaney 01-14-2013 12:59 PM

Ugh, I racked off cake and grain and voices for 15 mins and pitched yeast. It has been almost 36 hours and zero activity, and ideas?

dcHokie 01-14-2013 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by ChadChaney (Post 4783218)
and voices for 15 mins


ChadChaney 01-14-2013 09:12 PM

LOL, boiled...

somedudefromguam 01-14-2013 10:34 PM

Wow, another guy on here is having the same problem...http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f127/sour-mash-ale-381421/
I have brewed a few berliner weisses using the sour mash method, they have all fermented vigorously and have dried out to 1.004-1.007. I even had one that was ultra sour and the yeast seemed to have no problem...

Yeast can sometimes take 3 days before really taking off, you might just have to wait. But it wouldn't hurt to get a starter ready, you will probably use it later if you don't have to re-pitch this brew...

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