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kaips1 05-26-2012 05:01 PM

Berliner Question
Ok, so I brewed an attempt at a Berliner Weisse around the end of march, I used unmilled grain and a small amount of DME wort with some yeast nutrient to make my Lacto starter. I held the starter jars in a small cabinet with a space heater to give it varying temps with the hope of culturing the lacto, which I assume was successful because there was C02 pressure building in them. My recipe for the BW was i think 3.5# malted wheat 3.5#pilsner, I did a 15 min boil, I also didnt take any gravity readings(i usually dont, yes i know i should). I pitched the lacto starters first and left it for 36 hrs. 18 of which had a space heater helping to regulate temps. I pitched us-05 after the 36 hrs. and let it go for 3 wks, did a transfer into secondary and left it for 5 wks, sometimes with space heater and sometimes without. I went to bottle it this last Wednesday, May 24th or whatever and i found a huge pellicle and I dont know what to do know, this is my first attempt at anything like this and I'm unsure as to what i do next. Let it sit and hope the pellicle drops or go ahead and bottle? Keep in mind I dont have any gravity readings and this beer hasn't been in existence long enough, from what I've read, for it be showing signs of Pedio or Brett.(at least what i can find and read on the brett strains that have info out there on them). If anyone has any good advice I'd appreciate it, I'm hopefully trying to get it tested so see what is inside of it and what its doing.Thanks

ReverseApacheMaster 05-26-2012 07:47 PM

It's probably the lacto. You're probably ok to bottle but you should take gravity readings a couple days apart and make sure the gravity is stable.

kaips1 05-26-2012 07:52 PM

thanks, ill start doing the readings this sunday and see how they are, since this is my first pellicle im still in awe of it and didnt wanna disturb it.

skr 05-27-2012 02:42 PM

I brewed nearly the exact same beer last year. I brewed in march and didn't bottle until September. It took that long for the characteristic tartness of the Berliner weisse to develop. However, I also kept it at 70 deg F, after 2 days at 80 deg F to jump start the lactobacillus. As I understand it the pellicle you see is due to oxidation, and is expected when bacterias are used. While you are probably safe to bottle now (mine reached terminal gravity in 6 days, 1.003) you will get better flavor development if you allow it to stay in bulk aging for a little longer.

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