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mmonacel 06-10-2012 04:59 PM

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One thing that I didn't see called out here was a pic of a label on one of the pinot wine barrels from the Chow video. It's lists:

25# dried sour cherries
.33 gallons Brett (B & L)

In another post, we've seen that they use 60g barrels. So taking this down to a 5g batch and assuming this rate is the same (or close) for all barrels we get:

Dried Sour Cherries - .4166 #s/gal = 2.08#s (aka 33.33 oz) per 5g batch
Brett (Brux & Lamb) - .0055 gal (pitch)/gal (wort) = .0275 g (aka .1 L or .44 cups) per 5g batch

That pitch rate seems somewhat low to me but then again I have no sense of proper pitching rates for bugs.

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