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ChuckM 09-08-2010 11:18 PM

Another Brett Bottling question
Hi all,

The short version - is it ever necessary to add additional yeast along with priming sugar when bottling an aged brett beer that is at about 0.98?

Longer version - This is an old ale brewed in February, brett added in April. Sample taken on July 4 was at 0.98. (it's at 10.4% ABV) It never formed a big pelicle, only in spots on the surface. My assumption is that the brett will be enough with the priming sugar, but I know that with a 'normal' beer this big and sitting this long, I would add additional yeast when bottling.

What do you all think? Thanks and Cheers!


maskednegator 09-09-2010 09:00 PM

That sounds drier than the Sahara!
Nothing useful to add, sorry.

ChuckM 09-09-2010 09:03 PM

LOL...yeah the sample was kind of like drinking nothing it was so dry. It's the first time I've used brett (or anything like it), so I'm not exactly sure what i'm doing.

smellysell 09-09-2010 09:09 PM

It might not be necessary, but I'd definitely add some extra yeast just to be safe.

ChuckM 09-09-2010 09:12 PM

I guess it couldn't hurt, right?

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