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wncbrewer 01-09-2013 11:51 PM

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Here we are,

"Incarceration" white IPA w/brett

9 lbs pilsner malt (64.2%)
4 lbs wheat malt (28.6%)
1 lb flaked oats (7.1%)

Mash at 154 for for 90 minutes or until conversion is complete. I cant remember how I arrived at 154, but when I do it again it will be cooler, probably 148.

Target og is 1.056, I plan my recipes around 80% extraction efficiency, but poor brewhouse efficiency due to lots of dead space in my system. I have included percentages so you can change yours accordingly.

.5 oz galaxy (14% AA) first wort hops
.75 oz " " 30 mins.
1 oz " " 10 mins.
1 oz " " 5 mins.
1 oz " " 3 mins.
1 oz " " 0 mins (whirlpool)

2.25 oz galaxy dry hop for 10-14 days

Ferment with an adequate starter of white labs 400 for primary at 74 degrees (Gabe Fletcher ferments much warmer than this....like in the low 80's). Once gravity reaches 1.005, pitch brett brux and bottle, mine only got to 1.007, so I pitched the brett and bottled when gravity reached 1.005.

Allow at least a month to condition, two months if you expect any kind of brett character. Here is a pic....I get two fingers of big, rocky head with a pretty aggressive pour. It fades pretty fast for a belgian though. Here is a pic. I love this beer almost as much as the real thing....cheers...wnc

Ps, if you brew this let me know what you think

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