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Brickwalker 01-11-2012 09:28 PM

Zythos/Chinook SMaSH Recipe Help
I planned on brewing a Vienna-Centennial SMaSH beer similar to this:
Well, my LHBS didn't have any Centennial or any other hops I was looking for for that matter.
Long story short I ended up with:
3oz Chinook
3oz Zythos
12lbs Vienna malt.
I plan on splitting the runnings to make two 3gal IPA SMaSH beers. One with each hop (zythos and chinook). I plan on using US-05 for both batches. Can anyone help me with my hop additions? I'd attempt my own, but have had terrible luck doing so in the past.

Any help will be great. Thanks, and sorry if someone has asked this same question.
Oh ya, and I do realize Zythos is a HOP BLEND therefore making it not a true SMaSH.

pm5k00 01-11-2012 09:51 PM

Checkout brewmate www.brewmate.net its a great reciepe formulation software and its free. Put 1oz at 20 and 1oz at flameout and adjust the 60 or FWH amount to get to your wanted bitterness level. Any leftover can goto flameout or dryhop.

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