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Mapleroots 11-23-2008 06:51 PM

Wisemen Weissen White
Just starting to brew and want to go with an all grain Belgian White and have a few questions for anyone who can help. Here is the recipe.

4 1/2 lb. white wheat
3 lb. unmalted wheat
3 lb American second row
1/2 lb flaked oats

1 oz centennial hops @ 50 min
1 oz centennial hops @ 50 min
.25 oz orange peel bitter @ 5 min boil
.25 0z orange peel sweet @ 5 min boil
.5 oz coriander @ 5 min

Feel free to give any constructive criticism on this recipe, and understand that I have just been doing research and have yet to try It out. Please let me know if these ingredients will work well together. Also I need to know how long of a protein rest I need to give the unmalted wheat during the mashing process? planning on doing a step infusion mash between 120* to 125* for about 30 min and then raising the temp to 150*, will this be a long enough rest or not? Thank all for any help, peace

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DeathBrewer 11-23-2008 09:08 PM

everything looks excellent except maybe the hops. centennial is pretty citrusy and i'd think you'd want a soft, somewhat spicy hop for a wit.

tettnanger, saaz, hallertau, styrian goldings, even fuggle or EKG would be nice.

your plan for the protein rest sounds fine. i wouldn't go above 150F...maybe even shoot for 148F for the saccharification rest.

Mapleroots 11-23-2008 09:28 PM

All right thanks for the impute, should have asked before I bought 10 oz of centennial, but I'm going to try it any way and see how it turn out, just trying to experiment on some of my first batches and will worry about specific details a little later. what do you think about organic pacific gem hops. could they maybe work in this recipe.
And has anyone out there tried making a vanilla wheat of any sort, American, Belgian, north German, or Bavarian.
Looking to try and do a pomegranate brew of some sort to, open to any ideas for this to.

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