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MVKTR2 12-28-2012 09:09 PM

Windsor Yeast flavors, like or dislike, I think I hate it!
I think I'm deciding that I don't care for Windsor yeast... AT ALL! I've used it a few times and find it odd at best!

The flavor I get isn't fruity slightly estery classic British yeast character. It's almost funky, and no it isn't contaminated I've had this character in every brew I've used Windsor in. I love Notty and my favorite English yeast is WLP013 with it's funky almost wood like character. However this yeast is just muddy, it's sort of like a bark and leaf character joined with a bitter yeasty character with some fresh hop or green leaf character, almost vegetable but not with just a hint of frutiness.

I've even used it in conjunction with other yeast in an Imp. Stout that I've won awards with, even got a 44 in a big competition and didn't place... but I could still detect this green-woody character which I don't like even in that wonderful brew.

Am I crazy or do others get this from this yeast?

Fwiw my current brew is a base malt of 6# munich, 1 # 2 row, and 4 oz english extra dark crystal with early bittering hops and a touch of hops late for a little character. Simple, small, should be malty goodness I've sandwiched between a couple of hoppy brews... but thus far I'm not enjoying it! I wanted a simple brew to highlight the munich have a little other character .... but NO!

edit: just checked my recipe and the bittering addition was 1/2 oz Cluster and the flavor/aroma at 15 mins was 1/2 oz Cluster hops. Also apparently I'm not alone - http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f163/win...48/index2.html

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