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mpruett 04-04-2011 12:56 PM

Williams' Brewing American Lager Extract?
Anyone tried this? According to their description, it sounds like a great extract for extract CAPs.

"American Lager is formulated with 70% two-row pale malt and 30% brewers corn flake adjunct, to give a noticeably lighter, crisper character without losing the barley flavor (many commercial beers are brewed with 40% adjunct"


JimW 01-22-2012 03:21 AM

Have you tried this William's extract? I ordered two of the 8 lbs, maybe I'll try something simple like this first:

Batch size: 6 gallons

8 lbs William's Lager LME
3 lbs Pilsnen Light DME
1.5 oz Sterling pellet hops 60 minutes (1.5 lbs DME only)
.5 oz Sterling pellet hops 30 minutes
DME, LME at 15 minutes
Irish moss at 10 minutes
7.9 gal bucket with blow off

Hoping for a month in primary, two weeks in secondary, cold crash, force carb in Tap A Draft bottles (I'm poor, no kegs here).

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