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Beer is good 10-06-2006 05:13 AM

Will this be ok? My wort looked like syrup
first I put these grains in the water and heated it to 170, then let it sit for 30 minutes...

6oz chocolate malt
4oz black patent malt
8oz honey malt
8oz 10L crystal malt
4oz victory malt

then i boiled it with:

8 pounds light malt extract syrup
8oz malto dextrin

hop pellets and times:

1.5oz galena 50 min
1oz cascade 20 min
1oz tettnanger 5min

then last two minutes:

1 pound clover honey

I used white labs european ale

I started with 2 gallons, by the time I poured it all into my carboy it was like syrup... is that ok? I added water to make it 5 gallons and shook the bananas out of it :ban:

also do you think it will taste good?


Turricaine 10-06-2006 09:40 AM

If it contains high levels of fermentables the viscosity does noticeably thicken. Super-strength brews are really 2-in-1. I hope you added the 3 gallons of top-up water prior to fermentation. Other than that, there's no reason to worry.

Beer is good 10-06-2006 01:59 PM

yah, I made sure the total volume was 5 gallons after i put it in my primary, then I shook it like crazy to mix it up and aerate the wort

david_42 10-06-2006 04:32 PM

All that in two gallons of water will look & act like syrup. Just the extract would make the gravity 1.144 Most pancake syrups aren't that thick.

It will be fine.

Beer is good 10-06-2006 05:51 PM

OH FUDGE DAMNIT! I forgot to take the mother effing gravity!!!!!! AUGH!!!!!!!!

what should I do??? how can I get some wort out without contaminating it?

fezzman 10-06-2006 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by Beer is good
OH FUDGE DAMNIT! I forgot to take the mother effing gravity!!!!!! AUGH!!!!!!!!

what should I do??? how can I get some wort out without contaminating it?

Bahhhh, just let it go. Just make sure you let it sit for a solid week or more before racking to the secondary. Gravity readings are overrated (in other words, I tend to forget as well)

dougjones31 10-06-2006 07:01 PM

Hmmm....looks familiar...somebody has been playing with the Black Butte Porter Clone recipe.....

6 oz. chocolate malt
6 oz. black patent malt
8 oz. honey malt
8 oz. 10L crystal malt
4 oz. toasted barley (buy it pre-toasted, or DIY @ 350 deg./10minutes)
8 oz. malto-dextrin
6 lbs. Light malt extract syrup
1 lb. Light dry malt extract
1 1/2 oz. Galena hops (60 min. bittering)
1 oz. Cascade hops (1/2 hour bittering/finishing)
1 oz. Tettnanger hops (5 min. aroma)
Wyeast #1338 European Ale yeast
2 tsp. each Gypsum and Burton Water Salts

This is my favorite beer on earth.......you left out the toasted Barley and added Victory and honey. You also dropped the Black Patent to 4 oz. Might be interesting to decrease the roastiness. Let us know how it turns out.

Beer is good 10-06-2006 07:09 PM

yah man, exactly what I used, I copied the recipe from your post http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f37/brewing-again-porter-14205/

but you used 4oz black patent... is that ok?

also the guy at the home brew shop said victory malt is toasted barley, did he lie? damnit... he is trying to make my beer taste bad...

for future reference, what is toasted barley? is that complately unmalted barley that I toast? at the brew shop, what do I need to buy so I can toast it myself?

Hope it turns out ok, it smelled excellent!

:ban: I can't wait!

david_42 10-06-2006 07:37 PM

You can't be off by much in an extract wort, it's impossible. Just plug the recipe into one of the calculators & write it down. Hydrometers are useful for checking the runnings in all grain and monitoring the finishing gravity. I do check all of my worts, but I wouldn't worry about an extract batch.

dougjones31 10-06-2006 07:48 PM

yeah.....typo It was supposed to be 6 oz but 4 should be just fine.

What made you add Honey?

As far a Victory Malt being the same thing a Toasted Barley.......I thought victory was a little lighter but it may be an OK substitute. Honestly...I use Roasted Barley which is way darker in mine and I think it tastes more like the real BBP than using the lighter Toasted Barley.

You will like it fine the way you did it.

Oh....to toast your own barley......use 2 or 6 row Barley Malt(Base Malt) and toast it 350 degrees for 10 mins.

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