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pfgonzo 04-09-2014 12:57 AM

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Craig, here is one I created recently. I haven't bought a bottle of Victory at Sea recently to compare flavors, but it's close in my memory (which means NOTHING, FYI). Even if it's off a bit, this recipe created a damn tasty Coffee Vanilla Porter.

Note: The base grains for this recipe are loosely based on Heretic's (Jamil Z.) Shallow Grave Porter (recipe can be found at Morebeer's site), which is also AMAZING.

14lbs Pale 2-row
8oz Blackprintz
1lb Chocolate Malt (NOT CHOCOLATE CANDY!!)
1lb Crystal 40L

This is a big brew... you'll need to adjust the 2-row for your personal efficiency. I did a large sparge, collecting 7.5-8g of wort, which I gave a 2+ hour boil (slow boil off here.. adjust according to your system), to eventually get down to a ~5g batch.

Hops start at T-60m

1oz Columbus at 60m
2oz cascade at 15m

Mash low. 150 max. You want this sucker fermentable because of the high OG (1.092 or so)

I pitched it with Notty, but any american ale yeast (WLP001, 1056, or S-05) will be fine I'm sure. Note, per Chris White's (White Labs) recommendation with big beers, I gave this two shots of pure 02. One right before pitching, and again 12 hours later.

Left in primary for a couple of weeks at 66F (increased to 70-71 after 4-5 days to encourage full attenuation, again per Chris White), and secondaried for 3 months.

About 2 weeks remaining in secondary, I added 3 chopped/scraped vanilla beans which I had soaked in about 1/2c of vodka for a week (including the vodka). At the same time, I added about 2cups of cold press coffee (french press, fine grind, 24 hours in cold water... press it to filter the grinds and add liquid to secondary. I worried about bugs, but had no contamination issues.)

I then transferred it to a keg, and it took another 2 months or so, but it's heavenly now (Total of about 5-6 months, I made it Nov. 10). Just in time for summer which is a pity, because it's an awesome winter brew.

Some people detect the vanilla right away in this recipe, but it's subdued to me and I'm not going to reduce my beans on my rebrew. Everyone's noses/tastes are different.

I bottled a few and mailed them to a friend on the East Coast. Here's the pic I got back:

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