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daveooph131 06-13-2009 12:15 PM

Trying a Bock
Couple of questions as I get ready to brew an extract traditional bock:

1) Would Aromatic Malt be suitable to style to steep/
2) Can you steep German Munich...Or is that more like a PM b/c it would contribute to OG?

3) I would like to use Perle hops considering I have some on hand. However, I brewed with them about a week ago, and just rolled up the package taped it shut and put it in the fridge. How long will those hops last, and be fresh for?

maztec 06-13-2009 06:07 PM

dave: Smell the hops, while they will have worn a bit they are probably fine. However, if I do that, I usually freeze them instead of putting them in the fridge.

I tried to find it, but there is a handy list online somewhere showing you what grains have to be mashed and which have to be steeped. My memory might be wrong, but I believe you can steep munich and aromatic.

Someone will shoot me, but my understanding is that the main difference between mashing and steeping is that mashing requires greater temperature control and mashing uses grains that need enzyme activity to release the sugars. I have usually been told that you can mix your specialty and mash grains together with no problem, so if someone has a reason to separate them I would like to hear it. I can think of one potential problem, but do not know what grain would fit that bill, and that is some grain or steeping ingredient might turn bitter with mashing. The only other reason I know is that the specialty to mash grain ratio needs to be in favor of the mash.

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