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craigd 12-01-2008 02:57 PM

Trouble with Biermuncher's SWMBO Slayer
Had some problems with SWMBO Slayer (my first All Grain) and ended up mashing a little high (around 157) and only getting an OG of 1.040. I'm wondering if it would be out of line with this style to add a lb of sugar to the primary to up the ABV and dry it some? Is this recipe too light to handle the sugar?

LooyvilleLarry 12-01-2008 03:05 PM

I had some issues with that as well. I would NOT add the sugar.

I hit my numbers ok, but my temp made it up to ~165 or so for a few minutes. It stuck at 1.020 (search for others with similar issues).

I ended up adding some amylase enzymes to help and raised the temp to 69* to help things along. At kegging, I gave this a 60/40 chance of staying in my keezer.

I tried it last night ( it was brewed on 10/27) and it was good! My FG got to be about 1.019, so it was a little week, but nice flavor. SWMBO even enjoyed it, and she doesn't drink much beer.

craigd 12-05-2008 06:42 PM

I just checked FG last night and was down to 1.013 - thought it would be higher due to my temps. I added the sugar anyway but that's because I'm stubborn and the idea intrigued me :-) I at least used brown sugar cooked for a little bit for a touch of caramel flavoring... I think that should boost me 10 points or so on OG had I put it in before ferment.

craigd 12-06-2008 02:51 PM

So after adding the sugar I got my first ever blow off of a 5G batch using a 6.5G bucket! It wasn't dramatic but made a small mess in my office... This stuff is quite vigorous!

craigd 12-30-2008 12:14 AM

Just popped a cap on the first one and it is quite good! A tad green with only 1 week in the bottle but a surprising amount of carb for that little time.

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