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JohnnyK68 02-16-2007 01:12 AM

Thoughts on this Hefe recipe???
Going to brew a Hefe tomorrow afternoon. Here is what I have on hand. Mind you I woould of definatley bought all Belgian grains if I had bought stuff just to do this, but I am doing it with grains that I had left from other beers.

2.5lbs Am 2-Row
1.5lbs Am Wheat
1 lb Light DME
2.5lbs Wheat DME
.5 Munich
.25 crystal 40L

.5 Tettnanger (60)
.5 Tettnanger (30)
.5 Tettnanger (10)

Wyeast 3068 (1qt starter) I will ferment it on the warmer side 68-70.

I have come up with these #s from this

OG 1.051
FG 1.013
IBU 17
ABV 4.9

So how does it look to you guys?

Brewsmith 02-16-2007 01:19 AM

Looks like a hefe. The munich and crystal are a little departure from style a little, but won't be really out of place, especially in those quantities. Looks good.

JohnnyK68 02-16-2007 02:14 AM

Do have 1 question on this. Should I just keep this in the primary until finished fermenting and bottle it? Or should I keep it there a minimum of 2 weeks? I know I dont want to rack this into a secondary, but should it just sit until its done fermenting or longer?

Baron von BeeGee 02-16-2007 02:15 AM

You can bottle it after it finishes fermenting (gravity stops dropping), but I recommend a 2 week secondary for bulk conditioning.

JohnnyK68 02-17-2007 12:26 AM

Damn It! I missed my target OG by .004! I actually think that my scale that weighs my DME, and grains is a POS! I am going to get a better digital one this week.

homebrewer_99 02-17-2007 03:02 AM

Leave it in the primary until the FG is 1/4 of the OG.

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