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badducky 02-12-2012 04:08 PM

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The Szechuan Porter came out so good, with a nice, bright citrus-y peppercorn-ness, that it got me thinking...

Anyone ever try these as a coriander replacement in a Belgian Wit? Thoughts, recommendations, etc.?

Actually, I ought to share the recipe for the Porter I'm drinking.

5 gallon batch, extract with steeping grains:
6 lbs of Briess Golden Light DME
1 lb of Burnt Sugar
1/2 pound of Victory Malt
1/2 pound of Chocolate Malt
1 oz of Brewer's Gold @60 mins
1/2 oz of Cascade @30 mins
1/2 oz of Cascade @15 mins
1 teaspoon of Irish Moss @5 minutes
1.5 oz of Toasted Szechuan Peppercorns @ 5 minutes

Wyeast London Ale

Primary fermentation at ambient January temperatures in our garage took 10 days. After that, I did a pretty long secondary of about 30 days.

Only thing I might do different next time is put some black patent in there, just to get some more darkness.

This beer is very tasty.

It looks lighter than it is just because of how I'm holding it up to full sun, but it's still on the light side for a porter. Next time I might add a couple ounces of black patent in there just to darken it a little more. I'm not entering any competitions, though, so I'm not particularly worried about anything but a tasty, tasty beer.

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