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treehouse 01-12-2007 05:26 PM

Suggestions on Nut Brown Ale Kit
I'm trying to improve a nut brown ale kit that I have used and gotten good results with in the past. A pretty straight forward recipe for a medium lower gravity beer that goes down smoooooth and easy. However I'm looking for those subtle nutty/toasty notes on the finish which this recipe lacks I think. I don't want to overpower the beer or turn it into something it is not though. Here is the basic recipe:

5lb amber DME
12oz light crystal malt (caramel 20%)
1oz chocolate malt
2oz malt-dextrin powder
combination salts
hops (wilamette and kent golding)
yeast: Wyest 1098
SG usually turns out about 1.048

I'm thinking of adding 6 onces of English brown malt (why 6 onces? I dunno. why English brown malt? I dunno.) and 1oz of black patent. Is the 1 oz of black patent enough to get that toasty taste or should I add more? I want subtle and don't want to turn this thing into a stout taste. Should I kick up the gravity? Any suggestions?

david_42 01-12-2007 08:58 PM

I would not add the black patent, that is more of a burnt coffee note. Fine for stouts, but not what you are looking for. Brown malt, Biscuit, Victory and Munich will all give you nutty/toasty. 6 oz. is a good number & the gravity is fine for a nut brown.

the_bird 01-12-2007 09:01 PM

I'm formulating a toasty brown ale in my head, the current plan is to toast some 2-row in the over. Problem is, not something that you would want to steep, think it needs to be mashed - same with the biscuit, Munich, and Victory recommendations (not sure about the brown malt).

You ever do a partial mash before? It's pretty easy, and something you'll want to do it you use the grains David recommends.

cha ngo 01-13-2007 02:38 AM

I prefer roasted barley over black patent. In fact, I am drinking some homebrewed brown ale right now that I used roasted barley in and it is quite nice. Patent is a bit much IMHO.

treehouse 01-13-2007 06:13 AM


Originally Posted by the_bird
You ever do a partial mash before? It's pretty easy, and something you'll want to do it you use the grains David recommends.

Yup always do a partial mash on this recipe.

I hear what you guys are saying on the black patent. Don't want it to taste like a stout and I agree on the burnt coffee note being out of place. Burnt ain't toasty, but what the hell, I have some and it might be interesting. Just an ounce and will add to the partial mash.

I'm not really familiar with bisquit or victory malts but I do know about munich. Those will go in next go around.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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