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Braufessor 12-28-2012 12:11 PM

stout critique please
looking to brew up a dry stout - "guinness like" I guess. Want something roasty, but not harsh/burnt. Something relative low alcohol (this should come in at 1.045 on my set up). Want it to be smooth, creamy, rich, but not super heavy or overpowering. I started with the recipe out of brewing classic styles - but subbed in some chocolate and midnight wheat in place of half pound of roast barley thinking it would provide a smoother roast flavor. Acidulated is just for mash pH. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

6.5 gallons

8 lbs optic malt
1.5 lbs flaked barley
.75 lbs roast barley
.5 lbs flaked oats
.25 lbs midnight wheat
.25 lbs chocolate
3 ounces acidulated

2 oz. EKG at 60 min.
.5 ounce Glacier at 60

London ESB 1968 yeast
IBU's 35
SRM 36

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