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mcamarra 12-12-2010 08:22 PM

Spruce Beer Recipe Help
I hope someone out there can help me figure this one out. So I made a brown ale about a month ago and wanted to make it into a spruce beer. It was made with the recipe below. It was transferred to secondary were I was hedging between putting mint leaves in there or spruce. The beer is a bit light in the body department and a bit light in the hops department. I had three thoughts here and wanted to get some opinions:

Route 1: Boil some sprigs I have (not green new growth) with some Malt extract. See how that mixture tastes, and add it to the 5 gallon batch.

Route 2: Boil some spruce extract with some DME and add to the 5 gallon batch.

Route 3: Dry hop with mint leaves.

What does everyone think? I was originally just going to dry hop with the mint leaves for a week and keg it next Saturday. The plan is to have it done and kegged next week? I'd really appreciate any input since I'm a bit off the reservation on this one.:confused:

8 lbs Maris Otter Two Row
2 lbs Munich Malt 10L
1 lbs Flaked Barley
12 oz Crystal 20L
8 oz Flaked Oats
8 oz Chocolate Malt
4 oz Crystal 120L

1 oz Galena @60min
.5 oz Chinook @ 30 minutes
1 oz Saaz @15 minutes

OG 1.046
FG 1.013

31 SRM

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