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Bigscience 11-18-2010 07:35 PM

Snake River Pale Ale Clone?
Anyone out there have a good recipe for Snake River Pale Ale? I'm guessing Cascade, some Crystal ~60L, Water and maybe even some yeast? Any Help? It's my brew buddies dad's favorite beer so it would be cool to replicate. Thanks in advance.

GroosBrewz 11-18-2010 10:19 PM

Try this:
8.5 lbs american 2-row

1/4 lb american caramel malt - 20L

1/2 lb american munich malt - 7L

7 hbu chinook - bittering

1 hbu kent goldings - flavor

1/2 oz cascade - aroma

1/2 oz cascade - aroma

1/4 tsp irish moss

wyeast 1056 american ale yeast

HBU's are Homebrew Bittering Units. To put it simply, the HBU's are computed by multiplying the alpha acid percentage of the hops by the number of ounces. If you needed 10 HBU's and the alpha acid percentage of your hops was 5%, you would need 2 ounces (5 percent times 2 ounces = 10 HBU's).

Bigscience 11-19-2010 01:14 AM

So here is what I was able to gather.

ABV according to Beer Advocate says 5.70%. I measured the FG from a bottle (6.4 Brix) by a refractometer. I plugged that number into a spreadsheet and played with the starting gravity until the alcohol was correct and it gave me an OG of 13.13 Brix or 1.0531 and a FG of 1.0094.

I looked at the color with some color tools and it looked about 6.75 L.

If I use the theory that Crystal 20L and Munich 10L (it's what my LHB sells), I can hit these numbers with 90.5% 2 Row, 4.75% Munich 10L and 4.75% Crystal 20L. For my system, that's 19lb, 1lb and 1lb assuming 83% Extraction Efficiency on an 11 in fermentor batch. I still think the Crystal is more like a 60L though based on taste.

GroosBrewz 11-21-2010 06:33 PM

Sounds like you really did your homework! I hope this recipe works out for you!

mbischoff 02-28-2013 11:02 PM

Just curious if this beer was ever cloned. I was able to drink some and smuggle a couple more down to Georgia with me. A very good APA.

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