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Flyguy01 01-07-2012 05:03 PM

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Tasted the hydrometer sample and it is slightly sweet with a spice undertone. When I racked to the secondary it was 1.017. Airlock activity was minimal and most of the krausen had fell.

With one thing in mind, more red than blue, I ended up winging it.

Strawberry 39 oz
Blueberry 12 oz
Blackberry 8 oz
Raspberry 21 oz
.5 cup of Bolthouse Farms berry smoothie, to get things going in blender

With 5 lbs of fruit, I washed and cut them up. I pureed them in the blender and heated them to 160 degrees on the stove for 10 mins. With the ABV at 7%, im hoping that will fight most bugs. I heated the mush for a little more piece of mind.

Here it is after racking to the secondary. So far after 4 days there has been little airlock activity and no secondary krausen. I will probably leave it in the secondary for a total of 2 weeks and then crash/keg.

Flyguy01 02-01-2012 02:57 AM

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Clone on the left. I might reduce the wheat back to 1 pound and increase the rye to 4 pounds. Also I will increase the blueberries to get a darker color.

Appearance- Cloudy, might be due to the wheat. I did cold crash for 2 days. May increase cold crash to 7 days.

Taste- Pretty close. As this beer ages the better it gets.

I will try this again in a few months. This will be a great beer for the summer.

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