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EinGutesBier 02-25-2009 12:59 AM

Short Notice Recipe/Ingredients Change (Yeast, Hops)
Some of you might've already seen my thread for an experimental sweet and sour beer here:


The problem is, I got a call from Midwest Supplies and they had to substitute my Wyeast Kolsch yeast with the White Labs Kolsch yeast in my order. Can anyone who's used one or the other or both tell me if this is going to noticeably affect the outcome of the beer I'm planning on? The descriptions for each yeast seem different enough that I thought I should ask.

The other thing is that I've decided on my own that maybe Fuggle and Styrian Golding hops might not be the right way to go on this brew. I've got most common hops and a few different ones, so I'm open to any suggestions you folks would have for me. Personally, I'm a fan of Glacier hops due to their similarity to Willamette, higher AA, low cost and availability. I've got tons of 'em. I also have a lot of Argentinian Cascades and German Hersbruckers.

Normally, I just go ahead and brew something if I have a mind to, but with this, there's so many factors that could possibly conflict I want to get all the elements right. One of my fears beside the yeast is too simple of a grain bill, for example. Finally, I'm not sure about going for a drier, thinner beer or a fuller, maltier beer.

Maybe I'll just relax, stop worrying and go have a homebrew. :mug:

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