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Jack 09-23-2011 02:08 AM

Scotch ale recipe help
SWMBO asked me to make her a Scotch ale that's similar to Robert the Bruce. She says she likes it because it isn't bitter or hoppy.

After some research, how does this look for a five gallon batch?

Mild malt, 8.5 lbs
Munich malt, 1 lb
Brown malt, 0.5 lbs
Chocolate malt, 0.25 lbs
Special B, 0.125 lbs

1 oz EKG hops added at 60 minutes

Mash 156 - 158F. Ferment with Wyeast 1728 around 60 - 65F

Brew with hard water

My idea is that the mild malt would provide a sweeter, rounder flavor than Marris Otter. The munich malt would give it a malty backbone. The brown and chocolate malt would give it the roasted flavor and color it needs. And the special B would lend sweetness and a touch of complexity.

jfr1111 09-23-2011 03:16 AM

I don't know if it'll clone anything, but I like the looks of this recipe. You might want just a tad more crystal (40-60L) for some toffee sweetness and a touch less chocolate, but your recipe looks very good nonetheless.

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