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Golddiggie 04-08-2011 08:48 PM

recipe feedback wanted... Honey Blonde Ale
Type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5.25 gallons
Boil Time: 60 minutes

10# Pale Malt (UK 2 Row) [2.9 SRM] 93.02%
1.0# Honey Malt [25.0 SRM] 4.65%
0.375# British Crytal Malt I [45.0 SRM] 2.33%
0.50oz Northdown [9.60% AA] 60 min
0.50oz EKG [5.00% AA] 15 min
0.50oz EKG whole hop Dry Hop 7 days
1 Whirlfloc tablet 15 min
1 pkgs Wyeast Labs 1332 Northwest Ale

Estimated OG: 1.056 +/-
Estimated FG: 1.017
Estimated Color: 8.9
Bitterness (IBUs): 20.3
Estimated ABV: 5.5%

Single Infusions, Light Body, No Mash out
Mash [w/~17qt water] at 150F for 75 minutes
Sparge [w/14.5qt water] at 168-170F for 15 minutes

Leave in primary for 4 weeks, adding dry hops with 7 days left.

I'm interested in seeing how the flavors will combine in this recipe. I know the color is darker than the typical blonde ale, but it's more of an English blonde, or a "Dirty Blonde" brew... :D Depending on how my next brew's efficiency numbers are, I could have a higher OG, but we'll have to see if that happens or not... I have all the grains on hand, already. I'll just need to get the yeast... Another option would be to use some Wyeast 1335 British Ale II that I have harvested... Just thinking I'll want some of the character from 1332 in this batch...

Fermentation temperature (where it will be sitting) will be about 66F...

Post up thoughts on the recipe... I have about 2-4 weeks to decide if this will be my next batch...

Billybrewer09 04-08-2011 09:42 PM

If you are really wanting the honey malt flavor to come through I would up it to at least a pound ..I did something similar and used. 2 pounds honey malt 7 pounds 2 row and 1 pound crystal 25...centennial and Amarillo to hop....turned out more like an amber...nice honey sweet to start and finished nice an dry

Golddiggie 04-08-2011 10:11 PM

Updated the recipe... Also increased the BCMI a hair... Looking for a good flavor profile, with more than just one note to it... Just wondering it it's now too dark to really be a blonde and is more of just a pale ale...

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